Expert Carpet Cleaning Services & Cleaners in London, Kent, Surrey & Sussex

Maintaining a regular carpet cleaning service is not only essential for improving the appearance of your carpet but also extending its lifetime. Carpets that aren’t cleaned periodically not only become worn and frayed creating an unprofessional image for your company, but they also become unhygienic and pose a health risk. Here at New Concept we can help you to eliminate these health risks and ensure the health of your employees and clients is preserved along with your business’s appearance with our range of carpet cleaning services.

Our team of expert cleaning operatives here at New Concept employ the most professional cleaning methods and use eco-friendly machines and solutions when carrying out any carpet cleaning duties. If you require our team to complete any carpet cleaning during business hours we will work very discreetly while still being very thorough and providing you with the high quality services that we always set out to deliver. We are very respectful of any working environment by keeping any noise to an absolute minimum and keeping any of our equipment out of sight.

We deliver high quality carpet cleaning services throughout London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex where our advanced techniques and equipment in addition to our staff’s skills means that your carpets stay clean longer compared to any standard cleaning services.

Professional cleaning methods using eco-friendly machines when carrying out any carpet cleaning duties.

For more information about the thorough and professional carpet cleaning services that we offer in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex please get in touch with our knowledgeable team here at New Concept by calling 01342 870 222 or contact us here.

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