Commercial & Office Window Cleaning Services London, Kent & Surrey

Professionally managed window cleaning solutions can help protect a company’s corporate image and reputation by enhancing the appearance of its premises and creating a bright and clean professional environment for staff and visitors.

Many of our clients have modern buildings, particularly high-rise offices, that use glass extensively within the architectural design and demand specialist window cleaning solutions. We have the experience and equipment to meet their service requirements while overcoming any access problems that may arise due to their buildings’ occupancy patterns and usage.

We undertake scheduled and periodic window cleaning for commercial premises as well as long-term cleaning contracts for large offices, retail buildings, leisure facilities, NHS trusts and local authority buildings across London, Kent and Surrey.

We bring 25 years extensive experience in high level access window cleaning, along with the very latest solutions in water purification technology and our pioneering ‘Reach & Wash’ water-fed pole cleaning systems. In addition, we provide experienced abseiling technicians and we have a wide range of hydraulic platforms (cherry pickers) operated by IPAF and PASMA trained operators.

The very latest
solutions in
water purification
technology and
‘reach and wash’ pole
cleaning systems

Reach & Wash pure water window cleaning

We are pioneers of the water-fed pole (WFP) cleaning system that uses hot or cold pure water to clean external glass and façades safely up to a height of 80 feet. By eliminating the need for platforms or long ladders to access upper levels, the WFP system is cost-efficient, saving up to one third of the cost of conventional window cleaning methods.


For areas that are difficult to access or at high levels, our abseiling technicians are IRATA qualified to clean windows and external façades rigged from almost any roof or gantry. Safer and more cost-efficient than scaffolding or hydraulic platforms, our abseil systems can be installed and dismantled in the same day.

Hydraulic platform

Using the latest hydraulic access equipment we can access the most difficult high level windows operated by IPAF qualified operators, to provide economical cleaning solutions. We conduct a full risk and method statement before carrying out any work and, if required, we can also arrange all the necessary permits and car park dispensations on the customer's behalf.

Traditional window cleaning

Our window cleaning operatives are fully trained to provide a dedicated scheduled service, including WFP cleaning. We offer daily, weekly or monthly window cleaning services, as well as ad hoc services, tailored to suit your commercial premises or office in London, Kent or Surrey.

New Concept has over 25 years experience and a team of trained competent window cleaners to deliver this window cleaning as part of the total cleaning solution. Our training process considers health and safety, technical capability and environmental impact as well as cost efficiencies to ensure we deliver service excellence at an affordable price.

As a result, our customers can be confident that our specialist window cleaning and façade cleaning is delivered and managed effectively and safely, by qualified professionals, as part of the overall cleaning service.

For more information about the window and façade cleaning services for commercial premises and office buildings that we offer across London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex please get in touch with our expert team by calling 01342 870 222 or contact us here.

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