Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions

New Concept uses biodegradable and hypoallergenic cleaning products, which have minimum impact on the ecosystem both in their use and in the manufacturing process. Where possible, all raw materials are plant-derived and are obtained from renewable sources. All bottles, containers and packaging contain optimum levels of recycled materials and are themselves recyclable.

In our state of the art water purification depot located in West Sussex, we can produce and store up to 3000 gallons of pure water a day, which we use for our window cleaning service. The water is purified through a reverse osmosis process and then stored in large containers. Ever mindful of the amount of water required to provide multi-site WFP window cleaning services, we have also developed a system to harvest grey and rain water, minimising the need for mains supplied water.

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New Concept are passionate about environmentally friendly office cleaning


Our company vehicles are electric hybrid or LPG commercial vehicles. We also have a number of cycles including cargo cycles for those employees wishing to commute to work by bike.

Ongoing Commitment

10% of our annual profit is reinvested in research and development of new systems and green products and many of our pioneering consumable products are still the best eco-friendly solutions on the market.

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